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WHAT IS FollicleRx?

When you buy from this publication you will get original Follicle RX products. The price includes the 2 bottles you see in the picture and they are described below. If you buy 3 kits you will get 1 additional kit for free. This means that you pay for 3 and get 4.

If you have tickets, total baldness, slight or strong fall, dead or weakened follicles, weak hair or gray hair, then you can buy this product with total peace of mind that you will receive original versions. FollicleRX by BellaVel / Biotrim Labs.

Follicle RX is the advanced supplement that is revolutionizing the world market thanks to its real and powerful results. Its formula is so powerful and effective that thousands of products have tried to imitate it; but only Follicle RX guarantees you the greatest effectiveness in treating and fighting multiple hair problems such as hair loss, fragility, weakness, breakage, poor growth, etc.

Only by taking the combination of the 2 Follicle RX (blue and orange) you will get superior results, as the orange line complement helps the follicle to generate a much stronger hair, with better appearance, avoiding gray hair and breakage.

This exclusive Follicle RX Kit includes:

  • 1 Bottle of Follicle RX Advanced Formula for Hair Growth x 30 Capsules (Blue Line)
  • 1 Bottle of Follicle RX Strength & Volume Formula x 60 Capsules (Orange Line)
  • Free shipping to any city in Colombia

All this for only $119,000

But also, if you buy 3 promotions you will get the fourth one totally free! This means that you get 4 bottles of each product when you apply for this promotion.

How to take Follicle RX?

Every day at breakfast you should take 1 blue line capsule and 2 orange line capsules with enough water. Each bottle lasts 1 month.

Essential Benefits of Follicle RX

This supplement has been tested in a trial with volunteers who suffered from hair loss caused by different reasons. According to the results, we have been able to deduce the following benefits:

Stopping hair loss: this supplement stops hair loss, either in men with alopecia or women who had it due to hormonal changes.

Recovery of growth: individuals with baldness who consumed it, began to experience a sustained growth of their hair even present.

Strengthening and thickening: its effects were equally favorable for those experiencing weak hair, which precedes hair loss.

Repair of damaged hair: consumption of Follicle RX also reverses damage caused by external factors, such as polluted environments or exposure to dry weather.