100% natural male energizer designed to increase men’s sexual appetite.

Take 1 pill 1 hour before sexual activity via mouth. – Wallet with 1 tablet.

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Dragon Pills is a nutritional and sexual energizer supplement for men that can be taken to improve male performance according to the properties of its natural formula. It accelerates the blood flow in a natural way, just like Viagra but without its medical complications.

  • It is important to mention that our product is NOT a substitute for medical treatments, but nutritional support based on natural ingredients.
  • Dragon pills male energizer is NOT a drug but a dietary supplement aimed at improving male sexual performance.
  • Auxiliary in cases of erectile dysfunction or general erection problems.

Our product is one of the supplements aimed at men who wish to improve their sexual performance. With this vital information you can feel confident and free to try our product and appreciate the considerable benefits and difference in your sex life that it offers without any contraindications.


Oral: Take a pill one hour before sexual activity; the effect of our product can last up to 5 hours in the body; this effect will only be present if there is sexual stimulation or if the penis is in a state of erection; therefore if sexual intercourse does not take place partially or totally it will not have any effect after its administration.

Dragon Pills male energizer is NOT contraindicated in the following cases:

Diabetes and hypertension: As long as glucose and blood pressure levels are controlled; in this case it is recommended to take half of the dose (1/2 pill) at the beginning of consumption (when the product is just started); if there is no discomfort, the full dose (1 pill) can be taken.

Dragon Pills male energizer makes the body generate a greater blood flow, which promotes the body has a greater energy in the area of the penis, achieving an improvement in erection and consequently a greater performance in their vital activity.

During and after the ingestion of intoxicating drinks: Dragon Pills male energizer can be taken without important contraindications; however, it is worth mentioning that if the alcohol levels are excessive, as it is scientifically proven, alcohol inhibits (disappears or reduces the effect) any substance in the blood; therefore the effects of the product can be diminished.

It’s a popular cream used for potential man’s erection. Its entire composition is based on natural and healthy products for the body. And its result is sensational because it significantly enhances the power and vigor of the erection to be able to have an exciting and wild sex session.

Its application is done in a simple way on the penis and genitals a little before the relationship. Its effects are noticed in a few minutes and last just over 45 minutes.

You should know about this cream…

This cream has the guarantee of Shunga, which is a renowned house in this type of articles for adults. The performance and pleasure produced by the use of this cream also makes the sensitivity and natural ease of achieving excellent orgasms increase.

It can be used together with latex condoms without any risk. And it tastes like strawberries and mint so that it is also a pleasant sensation to the taste.