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Blood Sugar Premier Review: Does it Work?

Blood Sugar Premier is an enhancement supplement used to manage sugar levels in the body. Blood Sugar Premier ingredients are a combination of ancient herbs, vitamins, and minerals that address the high glucose problem and its root cause. The composition indicates that it is all-natural that suits most customers and does not bring about any side effects. Apart from lowering blood sugar, it also promotes a normal insulin level and helps lose body fats.

Controlling your blood sugar can be quite a challenging task. You need to exercise regularly and also watch your diet. Stress, inadequate nutrition, and lack of regular workouts are the three main culprits that will knock your blood sugar out of balance. However, these three aspects are unavoidable in these days and age. If it is not your job that is stressing and taking most of your time, then it is traffic back home. So, you end up spending most of your time between work and house chores to the extent that you neglect your health. Slowly, you fall into depression or develop health complications that confine you to a sickbed for the rest of your life.

High sugar levels can limit your food options and keep you awake all night. According to CDC, if you are suffering from high blood glucose levels today, you are likely to develop Type 2 diabetes in five years if you do not address the problem. While Type 1 diabetes affects mostly young people, Type 2 diabetes is common among adults and results from high fat and carbohydrate diets. That is why you need to be watchful about your sugar levels continually so that you do not add to the number of people who are likely to develop diabetes.

Science has provided some recommendations needed to control and manage our glucose levels and possibly prevent conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. One way of keeping your blood sugar at safe levels is by taking the counter medication that promises a quick result. However, some of these pills contain ingredients and synthetic chemicals that can cause many side effects instead of the desired results. For many of us, losing extra weight means heading to the gym or adopting a fat-burning, low-carb keto menu. However, a good number of people prefer the MCT oil and ketogenic diets like Blood Sugar Premier.

What Is Blood Sugar Premier?

Your health care provider may have recommended you go through Blood Sugar Premier reviews before prescribing the supplements that can help to lower your out of control glucose level. Some doctors recommend them to those who have diabetes or are in the pre-diabetes stage. However, you may be wondering what these supplements are and whether they will help in your case.

The enhancement supplement is a product developed by Dr. Ryan Shelton, who formulated it after stumbling upon ancient Chinese text that contained the secret to managing high glucose levels. According to Dr. Ryan, Shen Nong, the father of Chinese medicine, had written down the mystery in a book that he used to help his patients support normal glucose levels. But, will you benefit from taking such substances?

Ingredients of Blood Sugar Premier

What most patients look out for in any drug are the ingredients to avoid getting into more trouble while taking the medication. Zenith Labs Blood Sugar Premier is no different as it contains several ingredients that some patients have issues with. However, rarely do patients complain of developing side effects after taking the enhancement supplements. Blood Sugar Premier ingredients include a mix of the vital sugar balancing ingredients and a blend of natural herbs, minerals, and vitamins, each selected to give a faster, effective result. The three critical components are berberine, turmeric, and piperine. These three fixes are tried with various examinations to ensure that they influence your body and make the formula more effective.

Let’s have a look at each ingredient:

  • Piperine

Piperine is an active ingredient of black pepper used as a form of traditional medicine for over two centuries. Black pepper was often recommended as a relief for stomachaches. But, with advanced technology, more benefits are being discovered. Piperine is used to activate the curcumin in Blood Sugar Premier, which prevents cell inflammation. It also promotes a normal level of insulin sensitivity in the body.

  • Berberine

Berberine is a compound found in the goldenseal plant and has been used to manage several health conditions, including high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and diabetes. It is also utilized to treat burns and canker sores on the skin. As an ingredient used in the manufacture of the enhancement supplement, berberine promotes healthy body cells and prevents inflammation. It also breaks down fat deposits in the pancreas for the body to activate its natural system to support a normal glucose level.

  • Turmeric

It comes from turmeric plant and is utilized as both a spice and medicine. As a medicine, it helps treat conditions that involve inflammation and pain, as well as fever, high cholesterol, itching, liver disease, and hay fever. It contains curcumin, which is activated by piperine, making turmeric more absorbable in the body.

  • Fenugreek Seeds

Chinese have used fenugreek seeds for years to treat several conditions such as arthritis, menstrual cramping, and manage glucose levels. It may also reduce cholesterol and increase milk production in breastfeeding moms.

  • Gymnema Leaf

Indians have used Gymnema leaves for years to “destroy” the sweetness of sugar in the mouth. It has also been utilized in the management of cough, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and malaria. However, there is insufficient evidence supporting the extract’s application in the management of blood sugar for type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

The herbal composition indicates that most people are tolerant of the supplement and may not develop adverse side effects. It does not contain a synthetic or artificial ingredient or compounds that may cause unwanted health problems. According to the manufacturer, the formula delivers a fast result that you don’t have to wait for months or years or hope for positive results.

But, is that the case?

Who Manufactures Blood Sugar Premier?

Zenith Labs Blood Sugar Premier is manufactured and distributed by Zenith Labs. It is a US-based company that produces and promotes the use of supplements to address common health concerns. For years, the company has existed and manufactures supplements in a cGMP-certified facility and regularly audited by FDA for potency.

Zenith Labs aims to formulate supplements that provide a whole-body solution but tailored to meet your health needs. Most of their products contain 1-2 ingredients and require you to choose a combination that will provide a solution. Blood Sugar Premier ingredients support natural body healing and are selected based on medical research.

Dr. Ryan Shelton heads a team of qualified personnel who use their extensive knowledge of alternative and traditional medicine to custom-formulate each supplement. Dr. Ryan is a firm supporter of natural treatment and is determined to help people reach their health goals.

Who Can Use Blood Sugar Premier?

People suffering from any fluctuation in glucose levels can use Zenith Labs Blood Sugar Premier to solve their health problems. However, the product targets two main categories of people: pre-diabetic and diabetic.

  • Pre-Diabetic Condition

Pre-diabetic is a condition where your sugar level is higher than usual but not too high for Type 2 diabetes. However, without proper medication and lifestyle change, both young and adult people will develop diabetes. Sometimes, you may not manifest any symptom but watch for darkened skin in some parts of the body, including elbow, neck, knuckles, armpit, and knees. You may also notice a constant thirst, hunger fatigue, or frequent urination.

The exact cause of the pre-diabetic condition is unknown. However, genetics and family history contribute a great deal to it. Also, being overweight and lack of regular exercises play a significant role in the progression. If you have this condition, your body will not process sugar properly. Thus, it will build up in the blood instead of being converted into energy for cells. You can take the supplements to control your glucose markers and save yourself from developing Type 2 diabetes.

  • Diabetes

Blood Sugar Premier Zenith Labs is also for those who have developed chronic high sugar levels. However, it is not a magic pill that will instantly stabilize your blood sugar but will help reduce it faster than some over-the-counter medicines. The capsule is not recommended for those who are already in some sort of medication for diabetes or other chronic conditions. This is a precaution to prevent any possible reaction between the ingredients. Always consult your health care provider before you begin taking the supplements. Also, the product is not for nursing or expectant mothers.

How to Take the Supplements

Taking supplements is not rocket science. All the details on how and when to swallow the capsule are indicated on the prescription paper. Your health care provider will also guide you on how to use it. So, read the instructions and carefully follow them for positive results. However, you are required to take the pills daily and on a regular basis. Consistent use is the primary key to the beneficial effects of Blood Sugar Premier.

It is recommended that you swallow one capsule two times a day; the time doesn’t matter. You can take them with breakfast and lunch, breakfast and dinner, or lunch and dinner. However, you can take up to four pills per day if a more potent dose is required. Stick with one tablet at a time. Vary the intake to avoid any possible overdose.

The pills come in the form of soft gels. All you need is to pop it in your mouth with water, and you will be good to go. Also, you don’t have to eat a special meal before or after you can take the pills. You can spill the capsule content on a teaspoon and mix it with water before you give it to children.

How Do the Supplements Taste?

If you are one of those people who frown at the sight of pills, your concern must be how they taste in your mouth besides their effectiveness. Is it sour, sweet, bitter, or tasteless? Well, Blood Sugar Premier is only available in capsules. So, it has no discernable taste for most people. It will not alter the feeling in your mouth in any way. When you take it after eating, it goes straight into your stomach, where it begins its work. However, if you want to feel the taste, you can spill the content of the capsule and lick a bit of it. The chances are that you may not tell what it tastes like.

What Are the Possible Results?

The goal of any prescription for a drug is to make you feel better and healthier. Thus, the primary purpose of taking Blood Sugar Premier is to bring your glucose to a stable level. But is that always the case? Every patient using the supplement requires a faster, effective result. However, it depends on your condition. If you have a mildly disturbed sugar level, you will likely experience speedier progress.

If your glucose level has skyrocketed, it will take some time for it to stabilize. You will also experience a quick result if you correctly follow the prescription and consistently take the pills. So, if you want to realize the full benefit of using Blood Sugar Premier, ensure that you swallow them twice daily and with plenty of water. If you think you are not getting the desired result, you can consult your health care provider to determine what the problem could be. Also, ensure that there are no other diabetes medications. Otherwise, you may not realize the benefits of the product.

If you are not happy with the result that you are getting, contact Zenith Labs and make a formal complaint. They will refund your money even if your bottle is empty.

Where to Buy Blood Sugar Premier and What You Get

When your health care provider recommends Zenith Labs Blood Sugar Premier for your diabetic needs, the obvious question is where you can get it. You can only purchase the pills from the company’s website. Visit it and search for the drug using the search box. Once you get the product, select the quantity, and then proceed to checkout. You can securely pay with PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, or American Express.

Blood Sugar Premier is available in three packages, depending on the number of capsules in the bottle: a 30-, 90-, and 180-day supply. One bottle contains 60 capsules for 30 days (two pills per day) and costs about $49. If you want a 90-day supply, you will buy three bottles for $39 each. The six containers for a 180-day amount will cost you about $33 per bottle. This means that you get to save a lot. Because you need to take the pills ceaselessly without slipping by in the middle if you want to realize full benefits, therefore, you will save a lot of money and time if you buy the supplements in bulk.

What Are the Precautions When Using the Pills?

There are some precautions that you need to consider when utilizing Blood Sugar Premier. These are meant to protect you from any possible side effects and ensure that you realize the full benefits of the product.

  • Do Not Take Other Diabetic Drugs

When you opt for Blood Sugar Premier, you should not take other drugs or remedies that bring down your glucose level. You should avoid them for two reasons. First, you may end up bringing glucose down extremely, which can be destructive to your health. Secondly, the ingredients may react with one another and cause adverse health effects instead of lowering blood sugar.

  • Do Not Overdose

When your glucose level is high, all you want is a quick fix. However, those quick fixes may destroy your health. You should take only one capsule twice and at different times of the day. However, if the situation is dire, you can take up to four tablets. Anything above four is considered an overdose and may be harmful to your health. If you accidentally overdose, contact your health care provider for assistance.

  • Do Not Take Blood Sugar Premier If Pregnant or Nursing

You should not take Blood Sugar Premier if you are an expectant or nursing mom. While diabetes is dangerous in pregnancy because the excess sugar may leak into the placenta and to the baby, you should use other means to manage the condition. Also, breastfeeding women are discouraged from using the supplements because it may be absorbed into the milk and finally to the baby. This may cause complications to the infant.

What Are the Possible Side Effects?

Not many people report side effects of using Blood Sugar Premier. However, like any drug, the supplements may have some. They are mainly related to the primary ingredients and may vary from mild to adverse.

  • Dizziness: According to some research, berberine can lower your blood pressure to unfavorable levels, which may reduce your energy and make you feel dizzy or lightheaded while standing.

  • Allergic reaction: Ingredients such as turmeric or piperine are known to cause an allergic reaction in some people. You may feel some irritation if your body is allergic to them.

  • A sudden drop in glucose level: While you desire a drop in glucose level, it may be sudden if you use the pills. And it is dangerous as a spike in sugar levels.

Pros of Using Supplements

You need to go through the Blood Sugar Premier review to know the pros and cons of using the product before you go online and make your order. Since you want to manage a serious illness like diabetes, you should ensure that you are taking something whose benefits outweigh the cons. Luckily, this dietary supplement has more pros than cons, some of which you overlook without getting into much trouble. Here are the advantages:

  • All-in-one natural supplement: Blood Sugar Premier is one formula that combines herbal and natural extracts, ensuring that you get safe and natural treatment.

  • Easily available: It is readily available online, which means that you can place your order with just a click in the comfort of your home.

  • You don’t need a prescription to get the supplements. You can simply order the pills without consulting a doctor.

  • It is affordable: The product is not only readily available but also affordable for most people. A 30-day supply costs less than $50 while you pay even less per bottle for bulk purchase.

  • Money-back guarantee: When the supplements do not meet your expectations, you can contact Zenith Labs, and you will get a 100% refund even if your bottle is empty.

  • Mild side effects: As a natural supplement, the pills do not have side effects. However, the reported cases are slight and unnoticeable.

  • You don’t need other medications: When you are using Blood Sugar Premier to manage your sugar level, you don’t have to use other drugs or supplements. Some medications used in the treatment of diabetes may require you to use other pills to manage side effects.

  • Helps in weight loss: Mismanaged sugar and insulin resistance can contribute to weight gain. Because the supplements deal with these negatives, your body can now respond to the proper diet and exercise.

  • Promotes healthy levels of insulin: Blood Sugar Premier reduces insulin resistance, which is a symptom of diabetes.

Cons of Using Supplements

Zenith Labs offer a money-back guarantee because some users may not like their products or discover something they may have overlooked. Here are some of the cons of using the product:

  • Cannot replace doctor check-up: Blood Sugar Premier can only reduce the blood glucose level but cannot replace your regular visits to the doctor for check-ups. That is, you cannot consider it as a sufficient treatment for your problems. Therefore, you will still have to visit your doctor for an examination.

  • Only available online: The supplements are not available offline. You will not find it in the nearby pharmacy or drug store. You have to order and wait for delivery, which may take time.

  • Some possible side effects, such as allergic reactions, may make you feel uncomfortable while using the product.

Final Verdict

Zenith Labs Blood Sugar Premier is a natural supplement for the management of glucose levels. It is blended with natural ingredients tolerated by most users and does not cause adverse side effects like most medications, making it a safe formula to take. Additionally, it is mid-priced, so the money is not a hindrance in trying it out as a solution for your sugar levels. Moreover, it is readily available online; you don’t have to walk from one store to another. Furthermore, you will not require a doctor’s prescription for you to buy the supplements. Why don’t you try it today and see the results for yourself?

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